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Fathers Day

My dad is the best. Shopping for him is the worst. And those fathers day gift guides? Pshhhht. Useless. According to them, all dads love one or more of the following things: Grilling Drinking Ties Golf Technology Books These are all non-starters. Grilling Nope. When my dad lights a fire you can see it from

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Quitting Time

I am not a quitter. Quitters are the worst. Everybody knows this. Quitters are weak, quitters are cowards. quitters are fair weather fans. Quitters never win, & winners never quit. I’m starting to question that. Actually, it’s my ankle. My ankle has the questions. My left ankle, to be precise. In the interests of full

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Filling the Well

We writers live pretty solitary lives. The upside is that we rarely have to put on actual pants (as defined by zippers & buttons rather than elastic & drawstrings). We also get to spend a lot of time having imaginary conversations with fictional people, which is awesome, because *revisions*. I’ve heard there are people who can

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