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Fathers Day

My dad is the best.

Shopping for him is the worst.

And those fathers day gift guides? Pshhhht. Useless. According to them, all dads love one or more of the following things:

  • Grilling
  • Drinking
  • Ties
  • Golf
  • Technology
  • Books

These are all non-starters.


Nope. When my dad lights a fire you can see it from space. We learned a long time ago not to ask him to grill anything. Not if we were hoping to eat later. Next.


My dad is a straight Coca Cola guy. And like any self-respecting dude of a certain age, he’s not going to drink it out of a fancy glass, either. So you can keep your bar glasses & jiggers & ice shavers & what have you. A plastic tumbler full of plain ol’ ice we hacked out of the lump in the wonky freezer will do just fine. Next.


My dad wears ties for anything that happens in a church — weddings, funerals, baptisms, etc. — but the rest of his life is a tie-free zone. At this point, he has probably 50 more ties than are in the church rotation, so a new tie is a new nope. Next.


Now golf used to be a reliable hit. Dad & Mom love them some golf. But there are only so many gadgets and outfits a single golfer can use, & we maxed that category out years ago. Next.


Oh dear god, no. First, my parents live so far from civilization that their internet speed is measured not per second but per hour & sometimes per day. Also, the instant you touch the tech at my parents’ house, you have officially signed up to be tech support for that item for the rest of its (or your) natural life. Besides, my dad doesn’t even type, let alone consume the internet. When he & Mom want to watch a movie, they go the the theatre like actual adults. Plus it’s air conditioned there & you can get a massive Coke. Next.


My dad is an action-oriented dude. Books are not his jam. Neither are magazines, websites, or any other vehicle for the written word. (I am, as you might’ve guessed, as mysterious to him as he is to me. We make it work.) Next.

So what does my dad like?

Well, he likes my mom.

He likes his kids & the grandkids we made.

He likes taking brief naps at the dinner table while the rest of us are still talking, then denying any such thing ever happened. (“I was resting my eyes.”)

He likes to eat a slow breakfast while deer & wild turkeys stroll past the dining room windows.

He likes lighting huge fires in the driveway & burning papers the county really wishes he would just shred.

He likes living in the same house deep in the country where he raised his four kids.

It’s possible my dad already has everything he wants, you guys. Which means I was totally right when I said shopping for him is the worst.

But I’m also hoping my kids will say the same about me for the same reasons one day. May we all be so lucky.

Quitting Time

I am not a quitter. Quitters are the worst. Everybody knows this. Quitters are weak, quitters are cowards. quitters are fair weather fans. Quitters never win, & winners never quit.

I’m starting to question that.

Actually, it’s my ankle. My ankle has the questions. My left ankle, to be precise.

In the interests of full transparency, let me say right up front that I (like a ridiculous percentage of other privileged white women) have a long & dysfunctional relationship with my body. When it tried to thicken up in my teens, I was like, “Oh, hell, no. If the fat’s not going to land in socially acceptable places (like my boobs), then it’s not going to land at all.” (Spoiler alert: my fat was socially unacceptable.) But I like to eat so I started running.

Once upon a time, I felt a run didn’t count unless it was at least an hour long. Mind you, I was cracking off 7.5 minute miles back in the day, so I was covering some ground.

I eventually settled into a more reasonable relationship with food, my body & exercise, but I still run. 5 days a week, 4 miles at a pop. But I’m old now. (Hello, 50. I see you up there.) When I get up in the morning, there’s a brief period of reacquainting my body with the idea of movement. You know, a series of snaps, crackles & pops, and a little hobbling before everything smooths out.

My runs start the same as my mornings these days. We start slowly, just kind of introducing the idea of doing this for the next 35 minutes or so. Then the tight places loosen up & we’re off to races. I get to think my thoughts to the beat of my feet & sort through all the weird shit in my head. It’s like meditation, & because I have such a sedentary job, I’ve always considered it a necessary balance.

But then my left ankle spoke up. It began voicing an opinion of our runs. And that opinion was, “Hey, this hurts.”

So I did what I’ve been taught to do.

I ignored it.

I ran anyway.

I just trusted what I’ve been taught, what we all know to be true: winners never quit & quitters never win.

I did that for…I don’t know…three weeks? Four?

But my ankle wouldn’t shut up. And then it wasn’t just complaining at the beginning of a run. It talked to me the whole time. It refused to let me fall into that easy white brain space that I needed. It was like, “HEY. HELLO. I HURT.”

And then it didn’t just hurt first thing in the morning, or when I ran. Soon it was twinging and whinging throughout the day. I’d get up from my desk & it was like, “HI REMEMBER ME? I STILL HURT. YOU ARE HURTING ME.”

So I did something Younger Susan couldn’t have contemplated.

I quit.

Well. Quit is so strong a word. I gave myself permission to take a break.

It was a Thursday. I said to myself, “Okay, we’re taking Friday off. And you know what? We’re taking next week off, too. We’re not going to run again until next Monday.” That’s, like, a week and a half? I haven’t gone that long between runs since that last time I was pregnant.

It’s been two days, and let me tell you something.

I am fucking terrified.

I am not used to letting my body call the shots. What kind of maniac does that? Like, sure, I’m a shortie. I max out at 5’2″ on a good day. But does that mean I have to be weak, too? Hell, no. I work hard & I’m strong. I’m as strong as a shortie can be.

And that goes for my head, too. Just because I feel something doesn’t mean I get to say it out loud. I’m an adult. I have self-control. Maybe I’m not perfect. Maybe I’m not even inherently good. Not on the inside. But I try. And that’s the point.

I try.

So what on earth is going to happen if I stop trying?

My ankle thinks it’s time to find out.

And I’m just old enough and just damaged enough and just brave enough to agree.

So let’s do this.

Or more accurately, let’s not.

Let’s not do anything for a while.

Let’s try that.

Something Different

This is not for you.

For the first time in my writing career I am not writing for you.

I am not writing to charm you, interest you, please you or entertain you.

I tried that. God damn but I tried that. I tried so hard. I tried for 15 years.

It didn’t work out. I didn’t catch on. I didn’t take.

Bad luck? Bad timing? Bad ideas? Maybe.

Or maybe I’m just not good enough. Good, but not quite good enough.

My stomach twitches just seeing those words on the page. Because that’s what scares me. That’s what has always scared me. That I’ve bumped up against the limits of my talent, & the dreams that drove me, shaped me & scarred me, will be forever out of my reach by an excruciating inch.

Because I’m not quite enough.

Or maybe I’m too much. But not too much of any of the good things. Only the stupid things. The crass things. The angry things.

But, dude, come on. How was I supposed to ever hide that shit? Writing is a primal scream. A barbaric yawp. Writing is the introverted control freak’s desperate attempt to connect with other humans. It’s our way of saying Look, here’s me. Here’s who I am & how I’m trying to be in this world. This is the space I’m taking up.

My place is this world has gotten a shitload of 1 star reviews, people. But I prefer those to the collective meh that’s been the hallmark of my career. Because reviews, even the mean ones, prove I have a voice. I’ve been tapping the mic going hey is this thing on? for so long that it’s actually reassuring when the occasional asshole shouts yeah, so shut the fuck up.

So. That’s where I am with my writing. That’s where I’ve been for a long time, honestly. I was just happy the mic was on. People could hear me. Sooner or later, if I just kept at it, something would click. All I had to do was never give up. Keep working. Keeping writing. Keep trying.

This, of course, is catnip to the good, but never quite good enough crowd.

Because our deepest fear is our deepest conviction, isn’t it? I’m not just afraid I’m not quite good enough, I know I’m not. Just like I know it’s all my fault. It’s the bitter pill you see silver medalists choking down on every podium around the world. You were so close. If only you’d tried harder. If you’d studied more. If you’d eaten less. If you’d trained harder. If you’d talked quieter. If you’d smiled more. If you’d dressed better. If you’d weighed less. If you’d wanted it more.

Bottom line? Victory was right there. You just didn’t earn it.

Fuck that.

Just fuck it. Seriously.

I quit. I went out & I got a job. My youngest went to middle school, so she’s old enough for a house key & an hour or two of alone time after school. And I dumped my bad boyfriend of a writing career & started seeing other people.

I’m in a committed relationship with a very nice teaching job now. I work with adults, so I get to swear, which is key.

Turns out I’m a sweary bitch. Who knew?

And I have a boss who texts me every Friday to say how awesome I am, how lucky they feel to have me & what great work I’m doing. To thank me for the week I just gave them.

And every goddamn week, it brings tears to my eyes. And I have to revise my reply like seven times before it comes out like thanks, I love my job, and not this text is like rain on the arid desert of my self-esteem, bless you and everybody in this organization for allowing somebody as damaged & unworthy as me to take up office space.

Bad boyfriends will fuck you up. And I can’t even say that I’m done with mine. I very well might go back to writing someday. I keep waiting to feel the urge. I haven’t yet, but I will.

For now, this is enough. This small, private corner of the internet that nobody visits. This will be my place to grieve & heal. This will be my place to be exactly who I am, sharp edges, foul mouth, tacky tendencies & all. I apologize for nothing. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Don’t come back.

This is not for you.

This is for me.