Blake Brothers Trilogy

Book 3






Time for Trouble

Family first…

To Drew Blake, happiness is very simple: Never want more than you have. Never risk what you’re afraid to lose. And above all, never get attached. Outside of his family, there’s nothing—and nobody—that Drew takes seriously. Except Meg, his best friend forever.

Your fight is my fight…

Meghan Wise doesn’t do casual. She fights hard, she works hard and she falls hard. One kiss and she knew that Drew would be a man worth having. But more importantly? He’d be a friend worth keeping. Which meant no more kissing. Ever. It’s a promise she’s kept for eight long years, and with no regrets. Until a dead man shows up at happy hour, looking for a favor.

What we have, we share…

A rootless childhood left Drew with lots of loose ends, abandoned friends and unpaid debts. So when an old friend—who isn’t nearly as dead as Drew had been led to believe—walks into Drew’s favorite bar looking for help, Drew’s all over it. But the guy wants more than a favor. He wants Meg. And suddenly Drew’s looking at his best friend in a whole new light…

Then love changes everything.