A Blake Brothers novella

Book 2.5






Touch of Trouble

He’s in hot pursuit…

Drew Blake loves women. All women. Normally, they love him right back but Meghan Wise? Not so much. To his shock, Meg is immune to charm, impervious to flattery, and just plain impatient with his attention.  So what the hell is she doing knocking at his bedroom door after midnight with a smile and an invitation?

She’s hard to get…

Meg prefers to fly solo, generally speaking, but she knows when to buddy up. Like now, for example, when an annoying situation suddenly goes all law-and-order on her in the middle of the night. She’ll deal with it, of course, but she’ll need a bodyguard. Unfortunately, the only person who’s both interested in her body and handy at midnight is Drew Blake.

She’s in a touch of trouble…

Meg’s not offering quite the adventure Drew has in mind but he jumps at it anyway. Because there’s just something about this girl, something beyond the surface slick and the endless legs. Something soft, vulnerable, and precious that she really doesn’t want him to see. Which is why he desperately wants to see it. Drew’s not one to resist temptation, either. The question is, can she resist him?

…but it just might be his lucky night.