Devil’s Kettle #3

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Remember Me & You

She can’t forgive him…

Georgie Davis is a work of art. An exquisitely rendered portrait of the modern heiress, she’s as much an asset to the Davis brand as anything in the family gallery. People don’t touch masterpieces, of course, but that’s fine by her. She’s cried enough for one lifetime. Her engagement wasn’t supposed to be a grand romance but then Peter Zinc came along and made her feel things. Messy things. Confusing things. Things that should’ve disappeared the moment he betrayed the family she adores. But they didn’t, and neither did he.

He can’t forget her…

Poverty is nothing new to Peter Zinc. But sharing that poverty with a few dozen sheep and an insubordinate dog? That’s a fresh wrinkle. That’s what you get when you cross Georgie Davis, though — a thorough, systematic and well-earned destruction. So why does he want her back so badly? Because she’s not the vapid trust-fund beauty he almost married. There’s a whip-smart woman hiding inside that pretty shell who intrigues the hell out of him. And he means to have her.

Can two wary hearts learn to love… 

Then a long-buried scandal rolls back into Devil’s Kettle, ripping apart old lies and threatening to reveal dangerous truths. It’s the kind of upheaval that could destroy Peter’s fragile fresh start and force Georgie to start feeling all the messy, confusing things she’s been avoiding. But with her family’s safety at stake, she’ll have to trust the most dangerous man she knows. He’ll have to become somebody better than the man he’s always been. Somebody who’ll protect the woman he loves…or die trying.

…before it’s too late?

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