The Money Books #2

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Money Shot


Secret Service Agent Maria “Goose” di Guzman knows something about penance. A tragic mistake forced her to replace the dangerous, impulsive girl she’d been with someone better, smarter. Someone sexy, cool and utterly controlled. But one crack in her perfect facade lands Goose on tiny Mishkwa Island, investigating naked hippies, frisky moose, and a red hot park ranger who sees straight through her.


When Rush Guthrie traded in an elite military career to police his tiny island home town, he got a pretty good deal: a park ranger’s badge, a resurrected conscience, and signs of life from his MIA sense of humor. A guy couldn’t want anything more. But when Goose turns up–all sexy curves, sad eyes, and thorny questions–Rush realizes he can want more. A lot more.


While Goose pursues the island’s deepest secrets, Rush pursues the brave, funny woman inside all that careful perfection. But the truths they uncover put everything on the line–life, death and true love. And they’ll only get one shot at all of it.