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Me & You: The Devil’s Kettle Boxed Set

If Devil’s Kettle had a royal family, the Davises would be it. As gorgeous and wild as their Lake Superior hometown, they’ve spent generations reigning supreme. But a power built on secrets and scandals can’t last, and the death of their crown prince leaves the entire family dangerously exposed.

It’s up to three women — his widow, his sister, and his lover — to set right what corruption and selfishness put wrong. Strangers at best, enemies at worst, they’ll be sisters before it’s over. But are they willing to risk everything for love?

Welcome to Devil’s Kettle…

Includes the complete trilogy:

Book One: Picture Me & You (Addy & Jax)

Book Two: Discover Me & You (Willa & Eli)

Book Three: Remember Me & You (Georgie & Peter)